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Historical Reflection

In 1876, a fire broke out in Marshalltown, IA. William Fisher, the town’s chief engineer, was tasked with hand-throttling the steam engines and manually adjusting the steam valves to maintain constant water pressure through the main water lines so firefighters could battle the blaze. He worked for 24 consecutive hours which ignited his determination to discover a better way. The result was the invention of the Type I Constant Pressure Pump Governor that was manufactured in 1880 in collaboration with foundry owner and mechanic George Beebe.

The “governor” device was installed on steam engines at the Marshalltown waterworks to regulate engine speed based on water pipe pressure to ensure consistent, pressurized flow. After patenting the device, it was marketed and expanded into other industries including railroads, rawhide plants, breweries and steelworks across the United States. Incorporated in 1900 as Fisher Governor Company, products began selling worldwide. As sales grew, the value of having a local sales office and business partner to service customers and represent products, exclusively, became apparent. In 1913, the first sales representative office was founded in Ohio. Continued expansion of local sales offices led to the creation of our company in Marshalltown in 1943. 

Present Day Reality

75 years after our founding, Stover is still committed to the same principles that led Mr. Fisher to invent “the governor.”  Our mission is making process control management safe by providing control solutions that allow our customers to run hard without unexpected interruptions. Our proficient staff advises clients by simplifying issues, educating and solving problems so customers are empowered to operate at PEAK UPTIME.

Peak means running your assets at their full potential, just like Mr. Fisher did to maintain constant water pressure. Uptime means preventing unexpected interruptions. Mr. Fisher accomplished this by ensuring water was always available to the firefighters. But PEAK UPTIME matters little if the people involved aren’t safe and the process requires exhaustive effort. Just like Mr. Fisher’s family wanted him to return home safely, we want to ensure that you, your employees and your visitors are safe. Manually controlling water pumps through the night required tremendous effort without sleep. Fortunately, it led Mr. Fisher to find a better way. That same spark remains ignited within Stover today.

Today, Stover Controls is the only company the central-Midwest region of the U.S. certified to sell and install Emerson products. As a member of the North American Emerson-certified network of companies, Stover combines local support with world-class products and technologies. Customers benefit from additional resources, methods and best practices that more broadly deliver repeatable outcomes and improve results.

It’s taken more than seven decades to shape a culture distinct enough to execute our mission. Every day, we stake our reputation on four principles. Click here to learn more about our culture.

Future Friends

At Stover, customers feel more like friends because they are part of our enduring 75-year history and the future evolving before us. Although their challenges are more complex than what Mr. Fisher faced in 1876, we are committed to keeping their operations running at PEAK UPTIME. We also welcome the chance to make new friends and are curious to learn about the challenges people face within the companies we have yet to meet.

We are distinguishing our 75-year milestone with an expanded product line and a new name, Stover Controls, an Emerson Impact Partner. But, our friends still call us Stover. We will continue working hard to earn the business of customers in the central-Midwest by solving their problems the way we solve challenges in our personal lives - with empathy and additional strength from our alliance with Emerson.

Whether you are already our friend or interested in exploring possibilities, we appreciate you taking the time to learn about us. For a more engaging look at who we are, we invite you to watch our video on this page. We encourage you to help us to better understand how we can help you operate at PEAK UPTIME you by completing and submitting the form on the “Contact Us” page.