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Stover Controls has given me the opportunity to use my engineering knowledge to help our customers with their most challenging problems. Working with such a diverse group of colleagues has expanded my skillset to better serve our customers as their industries evolve.

APRIl Jyrkas, Application engineer

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

Stover Controls is a Place to Reach Your PEAK! Stover is an Emerson Impact Partner and a company full of colossally committed, annoyingly accurate, passionate professionals.

As an Emerson Impact Partner, we help customers run at PEAK UPTIME by being the direct point of contact for leveraging the full breadth of Emerson intergraded solutions and expertise. It’s a place where customers are referred to as friends and employees combine the technical resources, methods, and best practices of a global corporation with the agility of a small, local business.

Core Values

Colossally Committed
We genuinely enjoy helping our customers operate at their best. We believe that strong relationships are earned through our actions. Our reliable presence and commitment means we show up, follow through and do what it takes to get the job done. We view ourselves as an extension of our customers’ team; we have our customers’ backs, and they can rest assured knowing we will do the right thing to keep them running at PEAK UPTIME.

Annoyingly Accurate

Accuracy bolsters customer trust. We set high standards and strive for precision that’s borderline annoying. We sweat the details and understand the important role our products and services play in our customers’ safe operations. We have to be right and aim to deliver unbeatable accuracy.

Pragmatic Problem Solvers

We believe the value of working with Stover Controls is our ability to make our customers’ problems go away. We listen with empathy to understand pain points. We are curious and enjoy figuring things out! We attack a problem’s cause with urgency and solve it with the most practical resolutions. We use our technical knowledge and think outside the box to come up with actionable solutions to rectify issues no one else can.

Passionate Professionals
We are constant learners and students of our craft. We have high expectations for ourselves and view every situation as an opportunity to improve our performance.  When it comes down to it, we like to win and are passionate about being outstanding in our field.

Building Something Better

We know that our work behind the scenes helps our customers make a difference. We start each day by asking ourselves how we can make our customers’ business more successful. We end each day knowing that we make the world a better and safer place. We are improving the lives of those we touch. 

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