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A place to reach your PEAK!


As a company, we pride ourselves on solving problems and helping our customers run at PEAK UP-TIME. As an employer, we pride ourselves on offering an environment that helps employees have PEAK CAREER-EXPERIENCES. A PEAK CAREER-EXPERIENCE is that high point in your career where you feel ecstatic, more alive and like you’ve really made a difference.

Considering that one-third of your life - approximately 90,000 hours - is spent working and that on average, employees change jobs every 3-5 years, we want your time spent at Stover Controls to be a PEAK in your career! We help employees have PEAK CAREER-EXPERIENCES through a variety of programs and believe that total compensation is more than just your net paycheck.

We believe the relationship between an employee and their leader makes the most impact on a PEAK CAREER-EXPERIENCE. Supporting employees in their growth and development through performance management and offering compensation and benefit programs that focus on well-being and flexibility are key pieces of our culture.


How to apply

If you think Stover could be the right fit for you, inquire or apply for a position by submitting a cover letter and resume to


Job Type Posted Closing Department Location
Technical Sales Engineer/Account Manager 9.06.18 11.02.99



We also recognize that for individuals to have a PEAK CAREER-EXPERIENCE, their values and our values need to align. Our behaviors are a daily part of the way things are done around here. At Stover Controls, we are:

We genuinely enjoy helping our customers operate at their best. We live it by promptly answering questions with proactive solutions. We anticipate issues before they escalate and navigate comprehensive options – whether it’s a product quote or untimely emergency.

We have our customers’ backs. We know sometimes things go wrong, and when they do, we take responsibility to attack a problem’s cause and solve it. We rectify issues no one else can.

We believe that strong relationships are earned. Our reliable presence and commitment means we show up. All the time. Every time. In every interaction, we give 100%. Our customers recognize the value of our long-term dedication. We do whatever’s necessary to keep our customers’ businesses running.

Accuracy bolsters customer trust. We set high standards and strive for precision that’s borderline annoying. We sweat the details and understand the important role our products and services play in our customers’ safe operations. We have to be right and aim to deliver unbeatable accuracy.

If these values align with yours, Stover invites you to take the next step.



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