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Did you know that control valves, regulators and relief valves distributed by Stover Controls are tested under real-world conditions at one of Emerson’s industry-leading Test & Evaluation Flow Labs? Stover’s history with pressure regulating valves evolved through a series of events beginning with the development of the first valve created by William Fisher in 1880. It was the beginning of both the Fisher Governor Company and Fisher brand products. Fisher Governor Company was sold to Emerson Electric Company in 1992, leaving the Fisher product line. Stover Controls has been an exclusive Emerson Impact Partner and distributor of Fisher products. Stover is your connection to the industry’s most accurate and reliable process control equipment available. As the leader in safely storing, transporting and distributing your oil and gas products to industrial, commercial or residential customers across our territory, we help solve your most challenging pressure-related needs with highly reliable technology* by:

  • Controlling, regulating, isolating and protecting your process.
  • Ensuring you’re operating efficiently and effectively with Emerson’s control and safety systems that include flow computers, RTUs, PLCs, a SCADA system and other solutions
  • Improving availability, profitability and safety of your system through Emerson’s line of emergency shutdown valves (ESVs)

*Stover’s brand expertise includes: Fisher, AndersonGreenwood, Crosby, Bettis, EIM, Enardo, FloBoss, ROC, ControlWave, FBx, AMS, PK Controller, OpenEnterprise, TerminalManager and PipelineManager


Stover offers multiple layers of support, including troubleshooting with sizing and engineering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Something you’ll only find with Stover.

  • Warehouse | Maintenance

Valve automation | Local inventory of parts | New & re-manufactured valves & regulators | Quick-ship of valves & regulators

  • On-site services

Valve & regulator repair | Relief valve repair | Automation technologies installation & troubleshooting | Outage & turnaround management | MOV & actuator service & repair | Flow computer & RTU support | Startup & commissioning

  • In-house expertise

24/7 After-hours & emergency Support | Factory-trained staff | Application engineering | Cabinet design drawings & manufacturing

  • Global resources

Emerson Impact Partner network | Local, factory, virtual & custom training

To keep you running under pressure safely, rely on Stover Controls.


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