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SmartProcess® Distillation

April 29, 2020
You can’t control the weather. You can’t control crop quality.

You can’t control the weather. You can’t control crop quality.

But you CAN control your distillation columns with DeltaV’s SmartProcess® Distillation!

This pre-engineered, modular solution is constantly monitoring your distillation process and optimizing it for peak performance. 

Distillation column are classic examples of highly interactive, multivariable processes that exhibit long delays and lag times — challenging conditions for conventional PID regulatory controllers.

Operating objectives for columns may include controlling both overhead and bottoms product purities, minimizing energy, and maximizing throughput while maintaining operations within equipment limits.

Emerson Process Management delivers SmartProcess®, a pre-engineered, modular solution for model predictive control (MPC) of distillation columns using DeltaV’s embedded advanced process control (APC) technologies. The solution includes software and services to implement MPC and neural modules for control of any 2 or 3-product distillation column.

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  • Reduce product quality variation and offspec production
  • Minimize quality giveaways
  • Minimize energy consumption per unit of feed
  • Increase recovery of more valuable products
  • Maximize feed rate upon demand
  • Increase column throughput
  • Lower costs of implementation

Anything that changes, whether it is the feed rate, feed composition, or even the weather can have an impact upon distillation column operation, so operators tend to avoid going off-spec by using more energy than is necessary. Product over purification is expensive both in energy and product yield. Emerson’s SmartProcess® Distillation automatically compensates for common disturbances like feedstock and weather to maintain product compositions on-spec while simultaneously improving energy efficiency.


SmartProcess® Distillation applications are available on DeltaV v11.3 and higher systems.

Emerson’s SmartProcess® Distillation application is designed for a DeltaV digital automation system, working with smart field devices to improve product quality, recovery and energy efficiency. The DeltaV embedded APC tools provide a platform to control and optimize the distillation process using an embedded linear program. The solution provides closed-loop product quality control using a real-time, multivariable controller that calculates optimal control moves for safe, stable operation.



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Improving Distillation Performance

Improving Distillation Performance
SmartProcess® Distillation
SmartProcess® Distillation