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Keystone PCS17 Knife Gate Valve


Cut through your syrup line headaches with the new PCS17 Knife Gate Valve. Its innovative knife gate design and self-cleaning wiper bar make the PCS17 resistant to the syrup buildup issues commonly found in butterfly valves. As a drop-in replacement for most butterfly valves, it’s a simple solution that will have a big impact on your syrup lines.


  • Full port design allows for zero restrictions during operations and easy cleaning of lines during outages
  • Same face to face dimensions as butterfly valve for easy installation and replacement of existing valve
  • Unique drop-in, next-generation perimeter cartridge seats ensure zero leakage and quick, cost-effective maintenance resulting in lower cost of ownership
  • Re-engineered seat geometry and a new precision molding process ensure zero water leakage at low or high pressures
  • Drop-in cartridge seat is in-line replaceable
  • Solid cast, one piece 316 stainless steel body is designed and qualified through FEA analysis for optimum performance and reliability
  • Four post yoke design makes packing adjustments easier and is more efficient for seat repair and replacement

More Information Available via the Product Data Sheet


Syrup tanks, syrup piping, thin stillage lines, centrifuges, bottom of steep tanks, corn oil lines

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