July 25, 2019: Regulator University

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July 25, 2019: Regulator University


Industrial Regulator Seminar

Regulators control pressure for many processes, many of which are critical for industrial applications. This one day seminar is designed to help the participant better understand regulator selection, installation, operation, and maintenance.



Suggested participants include Technicians, Mechanics, Contractors, Engineers, OEM’s, and Industrial Suppliers.



  • Self-Operated Regulators
  • Pilot Operated Regulators
  • Overpressure Protection Methods
  • Sizing Formulas and Bulletin Review
  • Regulator Toolkit Introduction and Demo
  • NG Codes, Applications, and Products
  • Steam Codes, Applications, and Products
  • Water Products and Applications
  • Best Practices & Troubleshooting


  • Date : Thursday, July 25th, 2019
  • Location : Holiday Inn Express, 885 Cottonwood Lane, Dakota Dunes, SD
  • Cost : $350 per student, lunch and a hardbound Industrial Regulator Handbook are included
  • Enrollment Contact : Janelle Shatava
    • events@stovercontrols.com
    • 641-844-5182

Registration deadline is July 12th, 2019.



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July 25, 2019: Regulator University