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Stover Controls is a North American Emerson Impact Partner, an Emerson-certified network of companies. For you, that means local, factory-certified instrument and valve service technicians and engineers who support world-class products and technologies. You benefit from additional resources, methods and best practices that more broadly deliver repeatable customer outcomes that improve results. We offer a spectrum of field device services to help you run at PEAK UPTIME.

Local Service & Repair On-Demand Services Startup & Commissioning
Diagnostic Services Training & Education Quick Ship Parts & Assemblies
Outage & Turnaround Management Emergency Response Services In-Line Machining
Equipment Upgrade Modifications OEM Replacement Parts Encore – Refurbished Valves
Pressure Relief Valve Repair    


On-Demand Services

Any valve. Any time. Any place. Stover is there whether you’re launching a new plant or process, troubleshooting maintenance issues or preparing for next-generation technology installation. We are aggressively accountable for attacking a problem’s cause and solving it. We rectify issues no one else can.

Startup & Commissioning

Getting a plant up and running on time and within budget can be stressful. When vital start-up services such as appropriate documentation and real-time status reports are facilitated by experienced and technically-savvy Stover employees, your in-house team is free to focus on other responsibilities. Tailor-made plant and process solutions help control costs and create a realistic schedule. The result is the protection of your personnel and assets.

Diagnostic Services     

At Stover Controls, we are annoying accurate; meaning we strive for precision that is borderline annoying. For optimal plant performance, your valves need to perform to industry and factory specifications. Certified field technicians use diagnostic services to identify device maintenance, repair suggestions, next-generation technology replacements, asset health and potential risks. A proactive action plan is created, shared with you and prioritized.

Local Service & Repair       

As the only company in the central-Midwest region of the U.S. certified to sell and install Emerson products; you gain access to Emerson product manufacturing records and engineering drawings for plants or processes. Our certified repair program ensures safe processes, high productivity, and minimal expense. In addition, a comprehensive vehicle fleet is ready to deliver the right capabilities, tools, and equipment to your plant site for repair assistance.

Quick Ship Parts & Assemblies             

For the industry’s fastest alternative to factory lead times, rely on Stover’s quick ship and other service programs. The Emerson family of parts, assemblies and drawings are available to get your plant and processes back up and running quickly and safely.

Outage & Turnaround Management             

Plant maintenance outages and turnarounds can be improvement opportunities when you align with Stover’s six-step process. Our professionally planned experience delivers personnel, tools, equipment, and procedures to help you evaluate, plan, execute and review plant operations within time and budget parameters.

Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery Services             

Our service technicians and engineers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to any unexpected interruptions. In addition, when disaster strikes, recovering from emergencies is most effective when those with disaster experience are there to help you rebuild, renew and restore your plant. A comprehensive project management structure ensures the best path to recovery is identified and followed.

In-Line Machining             

When valves need replacing, you can avoid interrupting plant processes to pull them out. With Stover’s in-line machining, technicians cut valve seats and gasket landings on the valve body inline. Restoration of equipment back to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specification is also possible.

Equipment Upgrade Modifications             

Obsolescence planning that unlocks plant capacity happens by combining proactive maintenance practices with next-generation technology strategies. Replacing outdated equipment during upcoming maintenance turnaround events ensures uninterrupted production that minimizes capital costs and provides operational budget clarity.

OEM Replacement Parts             

Our extensive network of repair expertise and skill is available for every type of device from control valves to associated field instruments. Coupled with the quick-ship parts and assemblies program, you will discover the fastest response time in the industry.

Encore - Refurbished Valves     

Time is of the essence when your plant process is down. Stover’s Encore Program offers a cost-effective, dependable way to replace worn-out valves fast. Assembled by skilled technicians, these remanufactured units meet OEM specifications which often exceed industry standards. You receive effective performance without the wait. Our rigorous remanufacturing process guarantees each valve is checked against OEM specifications identified in ANSI B16.34 standards for form, fit and function. Encore is also certified and authorized to apply both FM and CSA marks to Fisher instrumentation. To earn certification nameplates, remanufactured valves are put through tests that include hydrostatic, operational and seat leakage, as well as diagnostic Flow Scanner analysis.

Training and Education    

Emerson offers various educational opportunities. Courses are offered through our regional training centers, via the web utilizing eLearning or virtual classroom, or can be brought locally to your facility. Using the Course Advisor tool, you can find a custom list of educational training courses based on your job role, processes or your brand preference.  

Stover Controls sponsors a variety of local training opportunities. Course titles and dates are listed on the “Events” section of our website. Please, direct inquiries to


Pressure Relief Valve Repair

As a VR certified shop, we can repair all air, liquid and steam valves. We have the flexibility to repair valves at your plant or offsite. We can manage PRV scope during an outage or manage your spares program to reduce outage uncertainty. We can work with your team for installation and removal or bring a team of our own. Through it all, we have the backing of a nationwide inventory network to get you up and running quickly when the unexpected happens and a new valve is the only way. Whatever you need to improve Operational Certainty for your pressure relief system, Stover Controls can help.