Control and Safety Systems Services

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Stover Controls and its proficient staff of Emerson-certified engineers can help you solve anything, from designing single control loops or an entire control system. We create configurations for optimized production and operational ease of use to maximize the lifecycle of your capital investments.

Our engineering expertise enables you to develop and implement control strategies for the following production processes and utility support:



  • Fermentation
  • Saccharification
  • Distillation
  • Crystallization





  • Evaporation
  • Purification
  • Filtration
  • Separation





  • Extrusion
  • Steeping
  • Grinding | Milling
  • Molecular Sieves





  • Blending & Mixing
  • Elevator & Conveyors
  • Loadout & Packaging
  • Natural Gas Transportation & Distribution





  • Boiler | Boiler Master
  • Thermal Oxidizer, Dryer, Furnace
  • Burner Management
  • Emission Monitoring




  • Water Treatment
  • Chemical Makeup & Utilities
  • ION Exchange
  • pH Control




  • Virtualized Control Systems
  • Bussed Control Networks
  • Wireless Control Networks
  • OPC Communication




  • Batch Control (ANSI/ISA-88)
  • Sequential Control
  • Advanced Continuous Control 
  • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS, IEC 61511)





Maximize your control system’s value:



  • Reduce Process Variability
  • Alarm Optimization
  • Improve Operator Performance




  • Reduce Startup Time
  • Historian & Event Tracking
  • Change Tracking & Operator Logs




  • Reduce Time to Troubleshoot Equipment Trip Conditions
  • Integration with Non-native Control systems, Advanced Unit Managers, etc...
  • Secure Mobile & Remote System Information, Alarms & Alerts





Keep your control systems running at Peak Uptime:


  • Cybersecurity*
  • System backups



  • Evergreen system updates
  • Revision upgrades




  • Facility personnel Training*
  • Staff augmentation




  • Emergency Response Services
  • Disaster Recovery Services



*Cyber security for production control systems is critical. Every week there are new reports of compromised control systems causing lost production. Part of keeping your control system safe is to keep workstations and controllers current on operating system patches and product updates. Stover Controls has the certified personnel to efficiently and accurately keep your systems up-to-date and data backed up. While cyber security and system update maintenance may not be a core function of your operations’ personnel, it is a core competency of Stover. Contact us today for a cyber security cost audit.

*Facility personnel training: Emerson offers various educational opportunities. Courses are offered through our regional training centers, via the web utilizing eLearning or virtual classroom, or can be brought locally to your facility. Using the Course Advisor tool, you can find a custom list of educational training courses based on your job role, processes or your brand preference.

In addition, Stover Controls sponsors a variety of local training opportunities. Course titles and dates are listed on the “Events” section of our website. Please direct inquiries to We also offer on-the-job training for customers as appropriate.