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FB3000 Hardware Configuration

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Watertown, CT


This 2-day hands-on course covers the hardware, configuration and maintenance of the FB3000 RTU.
This course will equip you with the necessary knowledge and practice needed to configure the FB3000 hardware for communications and I/O as well as Field Tools Software. Learn how to troubleshoot and utilize software application programs to monitor live data and communication statistics.


  • Intro to the FB3000
  • Hardware Options
  • Personality Modules
  • Downloading/ Uploading a Configuration
  • Saving a Configuration
  • Local Serial Communications
  • Mini USB Communications
  • I/P Communication Setup
  • Flashing Firmware
  • File Types Used
  • Replacing Boards 
  • Interpreting Status LED’s?
  • Memory Types Used
  • Using Field Tools Software
  • Replacing Battery on CPU and Power Modules
  • Setting up a AGA3 Configuration
  • Setting up a AGA7 Configuration
  • Configuring for History and Events
  • Creating and Saving Configurations
  • Cold Start/Warm Start Differences
  • Configuring for Alarms
  • Basic Troubleshooting Examples
  • Using the Guided Setup Wizard
  • Intro to Math Blocks
  • Calibration


Field personnel whose responsibilities may include:
  • Installation
  • Wiring, start-up
  • Troubleshooting
  • Configuration or maintenance of the FB3000 products
  • An individual who seeks a more thorough understanding of the FB3000 products


Participants should have formal instrument technician training and a working knowledge of their application/process. Participants must be thoroughly familiar with Windows 10.