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FloBoss Advanced Configuration

Course number
Houston, TX


This 1.5-day course will help participants build upon the basic knowledge of configuring the FloBoss 107 device. (Contact Educational Services for special discounting at 1-800-338-8158 when combined with course RA1230 Troubleshooting Configuration, the discounted price will be $400). Participants will learn how to configure for Modbus communications to third part devices, create FST’s, and more.


Day 1
  • Configuring Field I/O (Review)
  • Configuring Stations and Runs for (AGA3 and AGA7) Flow Calculations (Review)
  • Saving and Restoring Configurations (Review)
  • Configuring Historical Database (Review)
  • Configuring Control Items
    • Sampler/Odorizer Control
    • Radio Controls
    • Configuring PID
  • Configuring and Using the LCD
Day 2
  • Setting up Modbus Tables
  • FST Workshop
  • Displays
  • Wireless HART
  • Network Radio Communications


Participants should have completed the FloBoss 107 Basic course or have a comparable working knowledge of the FloBoss 107 product.