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FloBoss Troubleshooting and Configuration Basics

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Houston, TX


This 2.5 day course will provide a basic overall working knowledge of the FloBoss 107 Controller. (Contact Educational Services for special discounting when enrolling in both course RA1230 Troubleshooting Configuration and course RA1231 Configurations - Advanced at 1-800-338-8158). Participants are presented with a basic view of the FloBoss 107 hardware and software to obtain the necessary knowledge needed to configure, calibrate, view live data and trouble shoot the FloBoss 107.


Day 1
  • Introduction and Overview of FloBoss
  • FloBoss 107 CPU and I/O Cards
  • ROCLINK 800 Configuration Software Overview
  • Creating a Connection to the FloBoss 107
    • Local Operator Interface Port
    • Ethernet Port
  • Elements of Basic Configuration
  • Configuring from Factory Defaults
    • Reset System in ROC Flags
    • Configure System Information
Day 2
  • Configuring Communications
  • Configuring Field I/O
  • Calibrating the AI, AO, and RTD
  • Configuring Station and Runs for the 
    • AGA3 and AGA7 Flow Calculations
  • Configuring Historical Database
Day 3
  • Alarm and Events Logs
  • Saving and Restoring Configurations
  • Using the System Utilities
  • Troubleshooting


This course is for engineers, technicians, and others involved with the configuration and operation of the FloBoss 107.