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ROC800 Advanced Configuration

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Houston, TX


This 1 ½ day course will help participants build upon the basic knowledge of configuring the ROC800 device.  (Contact Educational Services at 1-800-338-8158 for special discounting when combined with RA1260 Operation and Configurations Basic the discounted price will be $500).  Participants will learn how to diagnose symptoms and troubleshoot common field problems, create FST’s, configure for Modbus communications to third part devices, and more.  PC’s will be provided along with necessary hardware and courseware for the duration of the course.  Each participant is encouraged to bring their own PC.


Day 1
  • Configuring Station and Runs for (AGA3 and AGA7) Flow Calculations
  • Saving and Restoring Configurations
  • Configuring Historical Database
  • Sampler Odorizer Control
  • PID Configuration
  • Radio Controls
  • Troubleshooting
Day 2
  • Setting up Modbus Tables
  • Wireless HART
  • Network Radio Communications
  • FST Workshop
  • Displays
  • Troubleshooting 
Day 3
  • Troubleshooting


This Remote Automation Solutions course is for engineers, technicians, and others involved with the configuration and operation of the ROC800.


Participants should have completed the ROC800 Basic course or have a comparable working knowledge of the ROC800 product.  A good understanding of their application/process is helpful along with advanced PC knowledge, thoroughly familiar with Microsoft Windows operating systems (XP or later versions).