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ROC800 Troubleshooting and Configuration Basics – Virtual

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This 3-day course will provide a basic overall working knowledge of the ROC800 Controller. Participants are presented with a basic view of the ROC800 hardware and software to obtain the necessary knowledge needed to configure, calibrate, view live data and trouble shoot the ROC800. 


Day 1
  • Introduction
  • Overview of ROC
  • ROC800 CPU and I/O Cards
  • ROCLINK 800 Configuration Software Overview
  • Creating a Connection to the ROC Local Operator Interface Port Ethernet Port
Day 2
  •  Elements of Basic Configuration
  • Configuring from Factory Defaults Reset System in ROC Flags Configure ROC System
  • Configuring Communications
  • Configuring Field I/O
  • Calibrating the AI, AO, and RTD module
  • Configuring Station and Runs for the AGA3 and AGA7 Flow Calculations
Day 3
  • Configuring Station and Runs for the AGA3 and AGA7 Flow Calculations (continued)
  • Configuring Historical Database
  • Alarm and Events Logs
  • Saving and Restoring Configurations
  • Using the System Utilities Update Firmware User Program Administrator License Key Administrator


This Remote Automation Solutions course is for engineers, technicians, and others involved with the configuration and operation of the ROC800.


Participants should have a working knowledge of their application/process and should also have advanced PC knowledge and be thoroughly familiar with Microsoft Windows operating systems (XP or later versions).