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Bettis MCP & M2CP Maintenance & Field Service – Introduction

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Houston, TX


Fundamental overview of the construction, assembly, hardware, software and configuration of Emerson’s Bettis MCP & M2CP actuators. Students attending this program will demonstrate an ability to identify actuators, hardware, components and assemblies. All students will demonstrate the ability to setup, configure, check and verify operation of various actuator configurations using appropriate hardware or software.


  •  Identify main mechanical components and understand the function of Emerson’s Bettis M2CP and MCP actuators
  • Identify main components and understand function of the modular control package (MCP)
  • Identify main components and understand function of the second generation modular control package (M2CP)
  • Setup and Commissioning
  • Identify function and main components of bevel gears and worm gears
  • Introduction to DCMLink


Students should have a minimum of one year field service experience and a working knowledge of Bettis M2CP actuators.