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Bettis RTS Electric Actuator Product & Service – Introduction

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Houston, TX


This 2-day course presents the fundamental aspects of RTS actuators. Attendees are presented with essentials of design and operation and how they operate the valves. Basic components and assemblies are identified to aid in understanding the basic controls, applications, and mechanical operation. Each student will learn how to set travel limits, torque limits and operate an actuator on or off the valve. Model number interpretation, document relevance (Spec Sheet; Manuals; Wiring Diagrams; Outlines; Assembly Drawing) and support resources will be discussed. How to identify and order parts from local distributors or online store. Control Package wiring diagram interpretation and basic maintenance are all presented in a combination hands-on / instructor led lecture format. Any original course documentation and certificates are provided to all attendees for company records at the end of the program.


  • Fail-Safe Operational Theory
  • Mechanical assemblies for all RTS platforms CM - CL - FL – FQ.
  • Detailed focus on Ball Screw assemblies & Spring Canisters.
  • Detailed focus on both Brake (Fail-Safe & Spring Damping) assemblies.
  • Focus on optional Hand-Wheel over-ride assemblies.
  • Electronic Board Sets: Logic Board – VFD – Encoder – Motor / location, function, functionality.
  • Programming / Set-Up including Speed Controls both (pulsing & non-pulsing) speed changes. Binary Inputs / outputs.
  • Alarm function code identification & clearing.
  • Smart Tool II Training.


Repair techs of end users, LBP's, distributors, Final Control Lifecycles Service techs, etc.


It is recommended that students bring an android device for Smart Tool AppTraining. A dongle is required for IRDA communication. A single demo device is available for the training.