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Fisher Control Valve Engineering – Advanced

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Emerson Innovation Center – Marshalltown, Iowa


This 3 day course reviews advanced application-specific design and operating principles of control valve assemblies, instruments, and accessories installed in a variety of non-general service applications. Students will gain insight in sizing and selection methods utilized in selecting appropriate control valve assemblies, as they relate to advanced control topics. Fisher Specification Manager software, combined with published reference materials, will be used to solve several advanced sizing and selection problems. Students will also have the opportunity to ask Emerson certified Fisher engineering instructors clarifying questions to firmly understand the advanced fluid mechanics covered in this course. Students who successfully complete the course will:

  • Properly apply knowledge learned from 1300/1300V and 1325V
  • Review basic sizing of control valves and build on the complexity of applications
  • Review basics of thermodynamics and how those concepts relate to the sizing model
  • Discuss key ideas involving cryogenic control valve assembly applications
  • Size and select control valves for two-phase flow of hydrocarbon mixtures and dissolved gas
  • Size and select actuators and pneumatic accessories for stroking speed requirements
  • Gain insight into instrument diagnostics and optimum loop performance
  • Learn the basics of steam conditioning processes and associated equipment


  • Cavitation and flashing
  • Noise
  • Basic thermodynamics
  • Cryogenic valves
  • Two-phase flow
  • Stroking speed
  • Steam conditioning
  • Control valve optimum loop performance
  • Control Valve Diagnostic Basics

Delivery Options

This training is also available as a remote virtual classroom course 1350V.


This course is for practicing engineers and senior technicians who are seeking advanced training in control valve selection and sizing, and application problem solving.


Completion of Control Valve Engineering I (1300, 1300V or 1301BL) and Control Valve Engineering Severe Service (1325V or 1302BL) or have equivalent experience (minimum of two years specifying control valves and instrumentation).  Familiarity with Fisher Specification Manager is required.